Project Benefits

Why GHX Now?

The I-66 corridor is the focus of Virginia strategic investment today. This emphasis provides an opportunity to advance the GHX initiative in coordination with other corridor improvements to maximize the impact of transportation improvements in this key corridor.

VRE service provides additional travel choices and increases capacity in key travel corridors, both of which are critical needs in the I-66 corridor. In addition, as traffic congestion continues to worsen with rapid land development and population growth, better travel options will be more important than ever.

GHX Project Benefits:

The GHX project will deliver significant public benefits by:

  • Adding capacity to the I-66 corridor
  • Accommodating current and future freight operations
  • Providing cost-effective and reliable mobility options
  • Enhancing service on the existing VRE line for current and future riders
  • Supporting local and regional economic development and plans

VRE System Benefits:

VRE Fact Sheet

What Does VRE Do?

VRE adds rush hour capacity in congested travel corridors, including I-66, I-95 and I-395. In fact, VRE provides the equivalent capacity of an additional highway lane from Manassas and Fredericksburg to Washington, DC.*

VRE also supports long distance travelers with 149 million people-miles traveled each year.

*Texas Transportation Institute