Project Timeline

GHX Study Timeline

GHX Project Historic Timeline 2004-2015

Next Phase of VRE GHX Study Begins

July 1, 2015


VRE Operations Board Adopts System Plan

January 3, 2014

01/2014 VRE Operations Board adopts System Plan 2040 as VRE’s long-range growth plan

Commonwealth Transportation Board Endorses I-66 Improvements

July 1, 2013

07/2013 The Commonwealth Transportation Board endorses the VRE GHX as one of the multimodal solutions to move traffic and people quicker and in a more reliable way in the I-66 corridor.

Final VRE GHX Feasibility Study Report Issued

September 1, 2009


Final VRE GHX Alternatives Analysis Report Issued

May 1, 2009


VRE GHX Implementation Plan Issued

September 1, 2005


VRE GHX Recommended

May 1, 2004

05/2004 VRE GHX recommended in the VRE Strategic Plan as one element of a VRE network expansion